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  • (1932 - 1960) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1932) Stage Play: The Tree. Drama. Written by Richard Maibaum. Directed by Robert Rossen [earliest Broadway credit]. Park Lane Theatre: 12 Apr 1932- Apr 1932 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: William Bonelli (as "Ames"), Laura Bowman (as "Miriam"), James J. Coyle (as "Blake"), Alexander Cross (as "Ed"), Daniel Hamilton (as "Atwood"), Leslie M. Hunt (as "Sheriff"), Marc Lawrence (as "Judd"), Sylvia Lee (as "Ruth"), Barton MacLane (as "Matt"), Bertram Miller (as "John"), Thomas Moseley (as "David"), Perry Norman (as "Preston"), Truman Quevli (as "Denny"), Enid Raphael (as "Rachel"). Produced by Ira Marion.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Birthright. Drama. Written by Richard Maibaum. Directed by Robert Rossen. 49th Street Theatre: 21 Nov 1933- Nov 1933 (closing date unknown/7 performances). Cast: Jay Addison (as "Nazi Shock Trooper"), Don Beddoe (as "Kurt Strasser"), Julio Brown, Alan Bunce, Rose Burdick (as "Elga"), Charles P. Burrows, Stephen Courtleigh (as "Nazi Shock Trooper"), Harold Elliott (as "Friedrich Lowenberg"), Sylvia Field, Alan Gould (as "Max"), Joseph Grant (as "Nazi Shock Trooper"), Dennis Gurney (as "Nazi Shock Trooper"), Thais Lawton, David Leonard, Henry Levian, Montagu Love, Charlotte Reynolds, Hayden Rorke [credited as Hayden Roike] (as "Karl"), Don Shelton (as "Nazi Shock Trooper"), Edgar Stehli, Beau Tilden, Herbert Warren, Courtney White, Larry Williams (as "Nazi Shock Trooper"). Produced by Robert Rossen and Irving Barrett. Note: This rather obscure production was likely the first to depict the recent rise of Nazi Germany.
  • (1935) Stage Play: The Body Beautiful. Comedy.
  • (1960) Stage Play: The Cool World. Written by Warren Miller and Robert Rossen. Based on the novel by Warren Miller. Directed by Robert Rossen [final Broadway credit]. Eugene O'Neill Theatre: 22 Feb 1960- 23 Feb 1960 (2 performances). Cast: Art Aveilhe (as "Lucky"), Ethel Ayler (as "Woman at the Beach"), Don Blakely (as "Savage"), Roscoe Lee Browne (as "Royal Baron"), Marvin Felix Camillo (as "Bebop"), Alice Childress (as "Mrs. Thurston"), Herb Coleman (as "Saint"), David Downing (as "Boy"), Clebert Ford (as "Foxy") [Broadway debut], George Gatlin (as "Cowboy"), Maxwell Glanville (as "Pusher"), Martin Golar (as "Rod"), Lynn Hamilton (as "Mrs. Custis"), Philip Hepburn (as "Mau Mau"), James Earl Jones (as "Harrison Thurston"), Calvin Lockhart (as "Blood") [Broadway debut], Eulabelle Moore (as "Gramma Custis"), Jim Oyster (as "Old Man/First Policeman"), Raymond St. Jacques [credited as Ray Saint Jacques] (as "Priest") [final Broadway role], Wardell Saunders (as "Father Christmas"), Harold Scott (as "Chester"), P. Jay Sidney (as "Hurst"), Hilda Simms (as "Miss Dewpont"), Cheyenne Sorocki (as "Cherokee"), Melvin Stewart (as "Hermit"), Cicely Tyson (as "Girl"), Lamont Washington (as "Little Man"), Alease Whittington (as "Lu Ann"), Billy Dee Williams (as "Duke Custis"), Duke Williams (as "Second Policeman") [final Broadway role]. Produced by Lester Osterman Jr. Note: Filmed by Wiseman Film Productions as The Cool World (1963).

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