“Amazing Grace” pays tribute to Aretha Franklin

Any kind of film that’s been lost to the ages fascinates me. There are a few notorious ones, though most ultimately see the light of day before all is said and done. Up until recently, the 1972 concert documentary about Aretha Franklin, Amazing Grace, was thought to be under lock and key. Franklin’s death led directly to its upcoming release, as you’ll see below, so there’s a tinge of tragedy surrounding the fact that we’re finally seeing it. Beyond that, though, there’s the joy at getting to watch a legend in her element, one last time. It begins screening this week for its Oscar qualifying run, before a wider berth next week, and it will likely bring in quite a crowd. This documentary is a filmed concert, essentially. Shot by director Sydney Pollack in 1972, it sees Aretha Franklin record her gospel album in a church,
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