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theredandwhitekey11 December 2017
Unexpected, dark, quirky, Counterpart is a noir sci-fi fantasy playing in today's world but within a setting mixed with modern (2017) and retro (1970's) locations and gizmos- The story is not about the past, it is about the present, but of 2 parallel worlds that connect through a secret doorway or hallway, and just as it mixes between the contrasts in these 2 worlds in the story so does it mix in its set design, with a little hint of dystopia here and there.

It builds up in a fascinating way and thankfully has just enough of Looper and not too much so as to make it genuinely unique. With a genuinely unique lead actor.

A must watch for its high quality story telling, character build up, set design, music, editing and classic yet seamless directing.

The first episode's tempo and mood are a good sign for what's to come as far as the story, very well approached, mystifying and might branch to the unexpected.

Well done STARZ
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Good Quality Genre TV That Can Appeal To Non-Genre Viewers
shanekolacz15 February 2018
I suppose I am not surprised at a lot of the negative reviews here. This is a subtle show. If you like your science fiction without starships, loud photon torpedoes and men throwing cars at one another --then this might well be for you!

The direction, acting and script are all top notch. The pilot episode gave a taste of everything you can expect form the series, whereas the series has settled into a slow reveal as it answers the questions posed in the first episode.

J.K.Simmons is exceptional. The subtle changes in personality, bearing and voice he portrays, enable the viewer to see the different characters even from a distance. None of the other actors (so far) have to try their hand at this form of subtlety, but JK (an actor I've always liked) is brilliant at it.

The setting is superb. Berlin is such a refreshing change as a backdrop to this story and the truly international cast also bring something to the table that is not in a lot of other shows these days.

As I said earlier, this may not be for everyone, but if you like good acting, great locations, good production values and a slow burn, solid story then this is for you!
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sue-677525 February 2018
I really enjoyed the two episodes I watched. I am not a lover of far fetched Science Fiction but do enjoy the intelligent and well thought out. It is a slow burner so if you like action packed escapeisum this is not for you.

This has been well written and extremely well acted, I just wish there was more TV like this.
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A Promising Beginning...And More
atlasmb22 January 2018
The first episode opens with a hint of something sinister.

Then we meet Howard Silk (J. K. Simmons), an affable everyman, a schlub with little ambition or backbone. Still, the mechanics of his job are a real tease. Like most viewers, I know the series revolves around an alternate reality, but much is not explained early on. When Howard, who has worked the same job for thirty years, says, "I don't know what we do here", it hints at a huge mystery .

He fills his personal life with games of Go and reading tomes to his comatose wife.

Then, the alternate reality impinges on Howard's life and everything is changed. Like layers of an onion, the details of a clandestine reality peel away, leaving plenty more to discover.

Simmons gets to play with multiple aspects of his character, making for an enjoyable viewing that revolves around many acting nuances.

The show is a contemplation on experience versus free will. And it explores the possibilities that might result from different life choices.

Though Howard Silk starts as a victim of his own life, and his professional choices, this story is not like "The Prisoner", where the truths can never be known. Counterpart" promises plenty of fun in discovering those truths. And the end of episode one hints at more depths. This ride of discovery looks very promising indeed.

Update 2/17/08: A few more episodes in, I am upping my grade to "10". This has a good plot, well written.
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Potential To Rival Westworld
chirox13 December 2017
A strong opener with a particularly strong performance from JK Simmons, Counterpart lures you in without quite knowing where you are going and then blam! the story opens up and gives a reveal to what is to come. Simmons is both the mild mannered civil servant and his 'counterpart' hardened 'in the know' operative, he plays both roles strongly enough to believe they are two separate persons and is a good enough actor to hold the opener to the series on his own, although a decent performance from both Ulrich Thomsen (Banshee) and Harry Lloyd make this a tough contender. For those with a love of sci-fi without lazer guns and 'pew pew' noises Counterpart will ring, it has the quality feel of Westworld right from the opening music and had me girpped within 2 minutes. Decent tempo to the opener, not too fast and not dragging its heels, helped keep interest alive right up to the final scene. I hope it lives up to it's potential.
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First episode only... so far, so good...
CorumJI14 December 2017
This is an odd, quirky piece, not a lot of action, but a lot of "what the hell...?" to keep you engaged.

The central character, played by well-known character actor JK Simmons with aplomb, discovers that the agency he works for has a strange little secret, which he had no inkling about before. Decades before, the agency inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension, with an earth that was identical, but, once the portal opened, they began to diverge steadily.

It's clear that this is not so much a "whodunnit", as a "whosdoingit and why?" I expect to enjoy this one. It seems to be a very subtle, low-cost SF thriller.
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lechurch16 January 2018
I am still asking questions and wondering things about this episode. I am on IMDB all the time and I don't quite understand why it says down by 70? (maybe the wrong place to ask this?) The red arrow looks so depressing to me.

Hence, I had to comment.

This was an intriguing and interesting show! I can't speak past the pilot, but I would say JK Simmons did a phenomenal job and the plot story line is great. The dude from GOT isn't actually a terrible human either!

I am very hopeful for this show! I think it is really awesome! I enjoyed it.
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michaelmarcelis14 January 2018
A very different show: good story, great acting and visually terrific. I'm very keen to see how this story develops.
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J.K.Simmons is absolute brilliant in his performance.
ozgkrl3 March 2018
The show is interesting in every kind of viewpoint, because that is how the universe works. Layers of layers of different timelines.

Lately I realized, the film industry, or better said, their masters, start to reveal the reality more and more. Personal I don't know what are the goals behind? Do the masters of our planet called earth want the cattle to know? I don't think so... What is behind is a shift of power and the best way to prepare the cattle is to show it through "TV". That is the way those creatures do it since quite some time.

Anyhow. I did not know J.K.Simmons that well, but from now on I will have a close look whatever he does, because his kind are rare in "Hollywood"... Not much left who could call themselve "actor".
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Can only be rated as EXCELLENT!
ernavegante10 April 2018
I am 5 minutes of finishing the 10th episode and after nine and a half episodes can only rate the series as EXCELLENT. Actors are brilliant, plot is interesting. Acting by JK Simmons is a masterpiece!
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J.K. Simmons is awesome!
shivamt2523 March 2018
Counterpart is based on this amazing concept. Something happened during the Second World War because of which the world got split into two parallel dimensions. Now, there is an organization which keeps the balance between the world by acting as border patrol at the gateway through which you can travel to the other dimension. It all becomes visible to a low-level employee when he found out that his 'Counterpart' - i.e. himself from the other world has come through and all hell is about to break loose.

The best thing about Counterpart - J.K. Simmons. He portrayal of two different persons, who share some portion of their childhood but have a totally different life after that, is marvellous. Although, the whole cast is amazing at what they do, though many times it feels like he is carrying the whole weight on his shoulder. The show has a political angle as well, which gives the creators pretty much every liberty to work around their own imagination.
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The next Fringe.
lng10101024 January 2018
I'm a sucker for sci-fi shows whose titles don't start with "Star". Bonus points if it deals with the multiverse.

Counterpart has the same vibes as Fringe, but plays out a little differently. So far so good. Very good acting as well, as expected from JK Simmons.

Can't wait to see where this goes.
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Excellent potential
lizlie200122 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. I was blown away by the first episode of this (surprisingly) American spy thriller. I say surprisingly because this has the feel of British or European film noir reminiscent of Carol Reed's The Third Man- empty echoing streets, tall nameless post-war Berlinesque buildings, taut sparse plot and seemingly artless cinematography. It avoids the all too familiar pitfalls of typical Hollywood big studio gloss with its tell-all format and predictable casting.

The viewer takes the same journey as the main character played by JKSimmons who never disappoints with his thoughtful intelligent acting style. We find out at the same time he does what is going on- or at least the beginning of what might be going on. So glad British actors have also been used to give the show sophistication and edge. Cannot wait til the next episode.
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How is this going unnoticed, next big hit
leftmefordead30 January 2018
The acting is really incredible The story is fresh, and not old.. No idea what that one review is going on about. And i have literally seen almost every piece of science fiction made in the last 50 years.... perhaps they are making comparisons to bookes more than film, which in that case everything has been written about 100x over. Its almost impossible to come across a book written today that doesnt share something from a previous work before. especially science fiction... I for one have never seen a cold war style parallel universe show before. And nothing close to a scifi show with this intriguing of a plot with a high budget and one of the best actors around. Science fiction until very recently wasnt considered high enough caliber to attract these types of actors.... But the genre is finally being adopted by all the biggest directors around now and attracting all the best talent. Mute and Annihilation this year will be amazing. Counterpart is up with them as far as im concerned
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SciFi Noir
ricburger1 March 2018
An extremely engaging show that makes me wonder if this is what you'd get if the likes of Len Deighton or John LeCarre had written science fiction. Not very big on flashy effects, but it doesn't have to be. J. K/ Simmons delivers two (Yes two) very engaging performances.

Setting this show in Berlin is a brilliant idea and just adds to the intrigue..At first glance this show might seem plodding, but it soon has you asking lots of questions. Even the series premise is not exactly what it seems. Even many of the characters don't exactly know what they themselves are up to. I'm not talking ineptness here, I'm talking about asking questions. And there are a lot of questions.

Cinematography is excellent, writing is imaginative and allows the characters to interact in a fascinating manner. Performances are excellent across the board. I highly recommend it.
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Below the expectation
IrakliKandelaki23 February 2018
I was highly intrigued by the first episode but this show has disappointed me. First and foremost, it lacks some sci-fi elements. As we already know (nothing to spoil here), the main character finds out about another dimension, but as a viewer, you can't find any scientific hypothesis behind the idea. A Sci-Fi show should be progressing some theory/hypothesis to a certain level that's beyond today's understanding. It SHOULD make you think about the reality you live in right now and how does it correlate to the idea present in the show. Just walking through the tunnel is banal and simply not enough. Second, things progress really slow. The dialogues seem to be dull, while it should give you a new sense, an idea or a philosophical insight, especially in this kind of a show.

I read a lot of reviews here and didn't believe them, still continued watching but no, this show isn't good. The End. The only thing makes it 6/10 is acting. J.K Simmons' transformation into different (but the same actually) persons is brilliant.
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Wanted so badly to like this, but it is just too slow
eabreininger7 February 2018
I was so looking forward to this show. Yes, it uses concepts that are sometimes overdone (parallel universe, various spy tropes), but it had the potential to be unique with older cast members and lack of a budding romance as a central focus. They could have taken that to some great places, but so far (episode 3) they have not. The spy stuff is typical spy fare, the sci-fi portion is run-of-the-mill. The acting is great, but the story itself lacks interest, originality, depth, and pacing. I feel no emotional connection to any of the characters. I hope it improves, but I am not holding my breath.
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madameminty10 March 2018
Quite frankly I can't bear to watch it anymore simply because the lines analogous to "who do you work for?" and "what's your source?" happen 80 times per episode, no one knows anything about anything, and the powers of both sides use... public information as bargaining chips in negotiations?!

It seems like the show attempts to create this sense of fake mystery; tell us that this information is hard to obtain, but at the same time it clearly shows it isn't. Makes the characters look... stupid. Of course, there's some of the real deal, but it feels tainted by the above. The drama just doesn't work with clueless characters surrounded by pretend secrets.

The counterpart world essentially stuck in the 80s is as uninteresting as it is a standard dystopian cliché. It's unbearably slow and tedious, and repeats empty scenes. There is no thrill if you find yourself falling asleep, now is there?

The sci-fi element is a gimmick quickly forgotten. There's a tunnel, that's it. The implications of it are not explored deeply enough in my opinion.

I can't find anything else engaging or unique enough about the show. If you want a show about scheming and politics, there's always Designated Survivor. If you want sci-fi, including parallel universes, how about Star Trek Discovery?
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Two for One
jupton-962447 March 2018
The actors are certainly some of the best cast in this new series. However, after watching seven, yes 7, episodes the only conclusion to be drawn is someone tried to sandwich an interesting idea between two extremely boring alternate realities. If one is prone to like background noise/sounds while performing intricate tasks, this series certainly won't be a distraction.
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jigalarraga27 February 2018
I watched 5 episodes. The plot progresses very slowly and the characters are a bit stupid. I really did not like it.
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Starts off promising, but never fulfills.
lunga16 March 2018
Starts out as an classic spy thriller, but after a few episodes, you begin to realize its not at all a classic spy thriller, but more of a visual instruction manual on how to murder people. This could be a tolerable aspect of a drama if it hits the right tone and is used as character development, like in The Americans, but absent any other redeeming qualities, it feels like we're waiting to see who gets murdered next.

The mood, tone and style of the show are intriguing, in the beginning, but as the plot unfolds over time, one realizes they're just gimmicks designed to keep the audience interested, in the face of no real story.

On the plus side, Simmons acting is just fantastic, but not enough to keep us interested in the rest of the bland, shallow, generalized characters straight out of central casting.
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Intriguing Pilot Sets A Nice Hook
AudioFileZ20 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Counterpart begins darkly claustrophobic in a mysterious present day world. We meet Howard Silk who works for a strange group that is kind of like a men in black organization which the purpose of will slowly be developed. The initial bizarre feel isn't wasted as Howard is thrust into a quite surreal new reality. That reality is a parallel universe in which there is now conflict between two worlds. The unique way in which the two world's are presently interacting threatens the harmonious division of the two and Howard is unwittingly a key player.

While many movies and TV shows have explored parallel universes they've done so with fantastical Sci-Fi generally speaking. Counterpart is not that because the over-the-top futuristic stuff is left out making this a fresh take in what appears to be a close to present day Germany. What we get is an interesting character, Howard Silk, played quite straight by the excellent J.K. Simmons. Howard is suddenly forced into a situation where there's two of him, one for each world, both of which have to play a key role in maintaining a safe division of the two universes. He is going to have to do this without any super powers or futuristic gadgets. It will come down to the fact the "other Howard" is crossing over to prevent some bad stuff from his side upsetting the divided worlds. It's a big order to take on and it will play out like a spy thriller more than a Sci-Fi tale. That's what we think we know after the pilot.

It's risky, of course, to pronounce a series production based on just a pilot. However, this show has enough originality and grit to separate itself. There's a fine hook here and it's well played in the pilot. With the other episodes being a month away that would seem the only reason not to binge when the mystery is initially laid out so well. The viewer longs to know more plain and simple. I definitely have high hopes for this one. BTW, as an audiophile...In the intel room where Howard meets his doppleganger there is a wall of 12 Ampex ATR-700 reel to reel tape decks rack mounted. This is unbelievable as one unit is highly prized, twelve of 'em? Seriously!!! I'd say this show has sweet CGI just based on the simple fact there is no one place on earth with 12 ATR-700s!
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Had hopes
greg65301-894-35261429 January 2018
I tire of how stupid different law enforcement agencies are portrayed. It's like the only time they have a clue is when they suspect the wrong person, then they are always right there to nab them. After 2 episodes i already find this show tedious and mundane.
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Cold War
sevdakarababa-7107719 March 2018
First episode i thought it is very strong and nice tv series will start. I watched other episodes and it just turned boring cold war style shootings and the story . So they ruined all that idea with cold war similarty
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An idea with no execution
peterspam-2248626 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The concept of the movie is original enough, portraying a parallel dimension. After the first two episodes however I find that the pace is deliberately slow, as the whole series stops here, at the concept, without anything interesting to be further added. All else is lukewarm filling, not even giving hope on real content. Some cheesy sentiments towards one's own personal self in a parallel dimension, a totally ridiculous over-mystified system of information exchange that clearly does not make any sense, mixed with a totally illogical causality of having to influence (even murder) one's equal in the other universe to influence one's own fate in the current one. None of this makes coherent sense and I am already convinced that I would have to wait 10 episodes (or more) to get any kind of clue that makes it worthwhile to watch the series in the first place, because, as they say, the journey itself is what makes it worth the trip. Well, only if the journey is enjoyable. Not in this case, unfortunately: empty script, filled with some action left and right but no real plot unfolding. Torture for anyone who watches the series for the content. On top, the setting is just as dull as the storyline. I wish they had filmed this in Paris and not in rigid Berlin, but I guess it's clear who financed this dull torture.
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